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Here is the Perfect Way to End

Your Team's Year!

by At the Coach's Table

· Leadership


As we enter the last stretch of 2017, it is important for leaders to remind their teams of their achievements. Here is a way to shine the spotlight on their hard work in a meaningful way and that motivates them for next year.

Identify the Successes: Ask each team member to send to you one to two successes from the year. Gather the information and weave a story together that speaks to the "Why" of their work and focus.

Praise and Inspire: Gather your team together for a special team moment with you. Keep it focused on telling the "story" of how all their achievements impacted the "Why" of the work and provide specifics of how each team member contributed. Highlighting your team's successes will leave them feeling accomplished and ready to take on more challenges in 2018.