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Powerfully Communicating Your Vision

by At the Coach's Table

Who's in the Hot Seat?

Coaching Client: Michael, VP of Talent and Casting for an entertainment studio

Coaching Challenge:

Michael is concerned about his team's lowered engagement to the work. He created a powerful vision for his team but realizes that he is doing a subpar job of communicating it to his team. He wants them to feel excited and motivated.

How He Powered Up His Communications:

During his first coaching session, Michael said "I am so frustrated! I just don't know how to connect my team to my vision."

Together, we explored what was getting in his way. He realized that most of his vision is in his head and that he did not have a plan for clearly communicating it or aligning his team to his vision.

Michael focused on:

1. Creating a clear and concise vision so that his team understands what they are working towards.

2. Discussing the values that support the vision in order for his team to understand why it's important.

3. Developing a messaging plan so that he regularly communicates his vision and its progress. This helps his team maintain focus and motivation.

4. Encouraging open discussion that helps him get buy-in from his team.

5. Being open to feedback and willing to make changes to the vision, if necessary.

6. Ensuring that his communication style matches his team's preferred method of communication, and that his vision is communicated in a way that resonates with each team member.

What happened? Michael's team experienced a positive shift with how they connected to their work. They easily communicated to others about the team's vision, held each accountable to work towards the vision, and became excited to follow Michael's leadership.


what it feels like when you wake up and feel inspired and connected to your work! That is what can happen for your team members when you clearly and consistently focus on the vision. Having a clear and compelling vision is an important ingredient to becoming an inspiring leader.