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What Are People Really Thinking About You?

by Phyllis Reagin, High Performance Coach, CSRH Consulting, LLC

· Leadership

Effective leaders spend time assessing what their team members, colleagues, supervisors, and other stakeholders think about them. They know that perception can weigh more than reality.

"All meanings, we know, depend on the key of interpretation." George Eliot

What if you want or NEED to change others' perception of you? Here are a few strategies to help you do this:

1. Spend Time In Their Heads:

Ask yourself, from their vantage point, what are they seeing you do/say/actualize? How does that line up to what you know about them, their needs, and the outcomes they are striving to achieve? If a gap exists, what few things can you do now to realign?

2. What is Your Message and Image?

There is a lot of discussion about personal branding. In terms of your leadership, you need to brand it too. Spend time deciding what your brand is and how you are want to project it. Perhaps, it is the "Inspiring Leader, motivating others to follow the team with passion" or the "Achieving Leader, masterfully connecting the right strategies to the best outcomes." What do you want your leadership to represent? Now, consider the 'how' of your message. How will others experience it? What do others need to hear, know, or see?

Perception can work toward your advantage if you spend enough time crafting how you want others to know and experience you. Once this is crystal clear, then you can create the right opportunities for the right perception to occur or to correct any misalignment.

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