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    Founded in 2017, At the Coach's Table helps Entertainment/Media leaders, creatives, and teams reach their optimum potential so that they make the impact they desire.
    Our digital trainings, On-site coaching, and Executive Coaching help Entertainment/Media and TV/Film Production leaders and teams operate at their best, reduce tension and conflict, maximize collaboration, improve communication, and lower stress and burn-out.
  • Our Team

    Leadership Development Experts + Executive Coaches

    Our Leadership Development experts have extensive backgrounds in the Entertainment/Media industry. They have been in senior leadership roles in Human Resources, Leadership Development, Marketing, Communications, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, TV/Film production, and other areas. 
    Our experts have a deep understanding of the dynamics of the industry and what it takes to lead effectively. They are also seasoned Executive Coaches that have completed thousands of hours coaching mid-level and senior-level leaders. Our Leadership Development experts facilitate leadership and team workshops, executive off-sites, and digital courses.
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  • Monica wanted to confidently step into her new leadership role

    Monica was recently promoted to a people manager role and realized she needed to create a strong leadership presence that made others want to follow her. During her coaching, she deepened her understanding of her values and strengths, created her Leadership Branding Statement, outlined her Leadership Vision, and identified actions that would help her access advocates for her career.

    Andy was feeling unmotivated and experiencing lower productivity

    Andy noticed a decline with his connection to his work and was not producing at his normal level. He wondered what was happening and how to get back to being his best. During coaching, he explored what is important to him, discovered the disconnections to his values and purpose, and charted a new path to create a more fulfilling life.

    Liz wanted to learn how to work more effectively on a high-paced Production team.

    Liz is working on a demanding Production team that involves long hours, constant pivoting, and the need to problem-solve quickly and without much guidance. She participated in the Production Team Accelerators trainings and improved her decision-making, learned new ways to buffer her stress, and gained confidence with communicating during complexity.

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  • Client Praise

    What Our Clients Love!

    Khusbu Shah

    Award-Winning News Executive

    & Media Leader

    "Phyllis is an exceptional Executive Coach. She has an extensive understanding of the dynamics of the media industry and its changing landscape and what that means in terms of managing, leading and navigating new newsrooms and legacy institutions. Phyllis never once told me what to do, but rather, guided me through difficult moments and got me to a place where I was able to show up for others and myself as a leader. I hope to continue working with her for a long, long time!"

    Morgen Crossland

    Sourcing Lead @ Slack

    "Phyllis and I worked together while I was at Facebook and in that time she helped me understand how to navigate my personal goals. She is so insightful, an incredible listener and provides a lot of helpful feedback that acted as a catalyst for so many of the moves that I've made in 2021. I learned to trust myself, follow my happiness and I recognized that by trusting in my ability to "do," I can really manifest anything. One quote she shared that still sticks with me is "when you build all these (metaphorical) fences in your life, don't forget to build in gates so that you 'allow' yourself to grow in directions not set." This is just a little taste of the nuggets she has shared with me and can share with you. This statement really helped me visualize things differently! I highly recommend her for career coaching!"

    T.J. Williams

    Stanford BA/MBA Leading Operations at Stealth Mode Startup​

    "Phyllis is exceptional in the field of executive and leadership coaching. She brings a rare combination of expertise, compassion, and ‘gut sense’ for optimal next steps that very few possess when she advises her clients about their careers and lives. Due to her extensive experience, she is able to apply lessons learned with her previous clients to help her current ones achieve true clarity around their career decisions and march boldly toward their dreams. One of Phyllis’ best attributes is that she truly listens to her clients and has a unique way of making them feel heard and fully understood. Phyllis knows how to see others not just for who they are but for who they can become - and she’s fully committed to helping them get there. She is an outstanding sounding board and source of support for anyone who wishes to take an important step their career. I give Phyllis my highest recommendation."

    Liza Galano

    Sr. Director @ ViacomCBS​

    "Phyllis is my rock and provided me with much needed support when it was needed the most. She is truly an insightful and wonderful business coach.

    She helped me focus my attention in areas that gave me the best return. She took the time to get to know and relate to the struggles I face on my team. Phyllis brought various tools and techniques to my team to help us become better at managing our conflicts and more efficient with collaboration.

    I would highly recommend Phyllis to anyone who is looking to grow their leadership skills and is interested in finding new and innovative ideas to stretch themselves."


    Aliza Haftvani

    Executive Director @ Warner Bros. Entertainment

    "Coaching was instrumental in helping me understand my leadership style and providing me the tools to be able to navigate and flex my style to address varying situations. With my coach's perceptive observations, I also was able to gain clarity and perspective on what it truly means to be self aware and understand others."

    Frances Morelos

    CEO - A.I. & Data Protection Solution Provider

    "Phyllis is an exceptional coach that I had the pleasure of working with at Warner Bros in 2014-15 and again when I hired her to guide me as I started my own business. Phyllis helped me put my "why's" into focus and lay concrete and balanced steps to make huge improvements in my career and in my life. With her guidance, I transformed from being a victim to being a creator, which ultimately led me to starting my own company and doing what I love. I highly recommend her to executives and high potentials alike."

    Anna Ryan

    Regional Vice President @ Arthritis Foundation

    "Through coaching, I gained confidence in driving business, was better able to manage and empower my direct reports, and found my right work-life balance."

    Roxane Harris

    Vice President U.S. Franchise Operations at H&R Block​

    "I enjoyed working with my Executive Coach for six months. She was very insightful in providing career planning advice, defining steps to build stakeholders, perspective on overcoming office politics, and ensuring that I understood my strengths and how to leverage these effectively. Thank you!!!"

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