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    Leaders + Teams for Excellence

    Excellence Happens at the Intersection of Confident, Influential, and Impactful Leaders and Teams


    In-Person Trainings for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

    Building Trust for Leaders: Creating a Team Culture of Trust

    Leaders will:

    • Discover how to foster an environment of trust,
    • Learn about the leader behaviors that support a high-trust environment,
    • Assess their own current state of trust, and
    • Discover the ways to continuously monitor trust on their teams.


    Influence for Impact: Building Connections, Improving Your Visibility and Gaining Advocates and Sponsor

    Leaders discover how to:
    • Build and strengthen professional relationships,
    • Create authentic and specific messaging to communicate to each stakeholder,
    • Create a Leadership Branding Statement that communicates who they are as a leader,
    • Identify actions to drive communication and interaction.


    Leaders as Coaches: Getting the Best from Your Team

    Leaders will:

    • Learn how to enhance active listening skills on their teams,
    • Discover strategies that lead their teams to best answers,
    • Learn how to engage their teams with brainstorming activities, and
    • How to coach others around conflict and negativity.


    Self-Leadership Mastery: Inside-Out Leadership


    Leaders will:

    • Explore the attributes of great leaders,
    • Learn about the differences between having a fixed mindset vs. and a growth mindset,
    • Discover how to develop a growth mindset,
    • Learn how to determine the costs and benefits of certain emotions and how to reach an optimal state,
    • Explore how to think more positively and how to create a positive work environment, and
    • Discover ways to create a “ripple effect” that produces greater positivity, collaboration, and kindness on their teams.


    Now You're the Boss!

    Roadmap for New Leaders


    Leaders will:

    • Identify key things that team managers need to do if their team is to thrive and succeed,
    • Discover how to choose the right people and decide who does what,
    • Learn how to develop and motivate your direct reports,
    • Explore the most effective way to provide positive and constructive feedback, and
    • Discover how to have critical conversations.

    Mastering Conflict as a Leader


    Leaders will:

    • Identify the common sources of conflict,
    • Pinpoint their dominant conflict resolution style,
    • Learn highly-effective conflict resolution strategies, and
    • Discover how to move their teams and organization into a more collaborative state.

    An Unlimited Mindset on Teams



    Teams discover how to:

    • Change negative perspectives into positive mindsets,
    • Instill a daily practice that leads to feeling more positive at work and in their personal lives,
    • Filter their brains for more positivity,
    • Create a supportive and collaborative environment, and
    • Create a ripple effect on their teams.

    Creating a Strong & Effective Team


    Teams discover how to:

    • Create a Team Mission Statement and Values,
    • Establish Team norms,
    • Develop Team Agreement that establishes behaviors and individual accountability, and
    • Reverse team dysfunction into a thriving and effective team.

    Conflict to Collaboration on Teams


    Teams will:

    • Find out key strategies to get unstuck from team conflict,
    • How to create ‘mini’ opportunities for brainstorming during conflict,
    • Learn effective ways to listen to each other with empathy and concern,
    • Discover ways to provide quick and effective positive and constructive feedback,
    • How to support each other during conflict.

    Elevating & Sustaining Trust on Teams


    Teams will:

    • Learn how to evaluate how trustworthy they are and how others views their trustworthiness,
    • Delve into the dynamics that break trust on a team and the strategies to bolster trust on their team, and
    • Discover specific strategies that foster trust between team members.

    Mastering Change: Working in a New Way


    Teams will:

    • Learn how to prepare for change before change occurs,
    • Discover how to master the three stages of change; and
    • Learn what is needed to make the change successful.

    Communicating for Collaboration


    Teams will:

    • Learn effective ways to listen better to each other,
    • Discover key questions that drive better communication and understanding, and
    • Learn productive ways to deliver positive and constructive feedback.

    Stress Less

    for Teams


    Teams will:

    • Discover key strategies to remain healthy during stressful times,
    • Learn bite-sized wellness practices to do anywhere and at any time,
    • Discover how to remain engaged when working demanding schedules,
    • Learn key strategies to think clearly even when tired and low in energy, and
    • How to change negative thoughts to more empowering and positive thoughts.
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