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    Embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth with At the Coach's Table, the leading provider of executive coaching and personalized leadership development for game-changers in the Entertainment/Media industry. Our renowned programs have helped thousands to unleash their full potential, become confident leaders, and achieve unprecedented success.


    Transform Your Career with Customized Coaching

    Our expert coaches will work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and aspirations. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, you will gain the tools and mindset to become an exceptional leader and make a meaningful impact in your career.


    Elevate Your Team to Unprecedented Heights

    Take your Entertainment/Media and TV/Film Production teams to new heights with our cutting-edge digital and in-person training programs, and on-site coaching services. Our comprehensive approach is designed to improve collaboration and communication, reduce conflict, and mitigate stress and burnout for a more productive and enjoyable work environment.


    Let's unlock your true potential and take your aspirations to the next level.


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  • What We Do


    Excellence Happens at the Intersection of Confident, Influential, and Impactful Leaders & Teams

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    Executive Coaching

    Laser-focused Executive Coaching prepares leaders to lead with greater confidence, to influence others so they can create a deeper impact, and to show up as the leader to follow.
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    Virtual Learning

    Enriching learning experience where each month brings a new topic designed to elevate your capabilities and ignite your success.


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    Enterprise Training

    Unlock the true potential of your leaders and teams through expertly tailored training facilitated by Leadership Development specialists.
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    Off-Site Facilitation

    Supercharge your workforce for unparalleled success with power-packed Executive Team, Leadership Team, and Company Off-Site sessions. Achieve optimization at every level.
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    Leadership Development Consultation

    Ignite extraordinary growth within your enterprise with our transformative Leadership Development consulting. Unlock untapped potential, drive innovation, and cultivate exceptional leaders.
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    Leadership Audio Series

    In this transformative series learn powerful leadership and mindset insights every week. Each 15-minute audio episode is packed with practical strategies and wisdom to help you master the art of leadership.
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  • Executive Coaching helped me align my Production team for success

    Executive Coaching helped me to understand how to communicate clearly to the other Producers about my expectations and goals. We aligned our roles, figured out how to maneuver conflict, and had courageous conversations. I left coaching feeling empowered and capable of leading a successful production team.

    Academy Award Winner, Executive Producer

    Confusion on my team was significantly reduced

    Coaching helped me to understand why my team was having difficulty following my directions. I learned how to better delegate and to hold team members accountable. I also learned that I needed to role model the behaviors I was asking of others. 

    Head of Costume for 7 Seasons of Network Show

    Coaching reduced the time I usually spend with managing conflict

    During coaching I discovered my ineffective conflict style. It was creating more tension then necessary. I learned how to better assess conflicts and to pivot my style. I trusted myself more, had clearer conversations, and built better trust. Conflict became less of an obstacle and more of an opportunity.

    Emmy Award Winner, Executive Producer

    Coaching was instrumental in helping me understand my leadership style.

    Coaching provided me the tools to be able to navigate and flex my style to address varying situations. With my Executive Coach's perceptive observations, I also was able to gain clarity and perspective on what it truly means to be self aware and understand others.

    Aliza Haftvani, Executive Director @ Warner Bros. Entertainment



    Phyllis is an exceptional Executive Coach

    Phyllis has an extensive understanding of the dynamics of the media industry and its changing landscape and what that means in terms of managing, leading and navigating new newsrooms and legacy institutions. She never once told me what to do, but rather, guided me through difficult moments and got me to a place where I was able to show up for others and myself as a leader. I hope to continue working with her for a long, long time!

    Khusbu Shah, Award-Winning News Executive & Media Leader

    Phyllis helped me focus my attention to areas that gave me the best return.

    Coaching provided me with much needed support when it was needed the most. Phyllis is truly an insightful and wonderful coach. Shhe took the time to get to know and relate to the struggles I face on my team. Phyllis brought various tools and techniques to my team to help us become better at managing our conflicts and more efficient with collaboration. I highly recommend Phyllis to anyone who is looking to grow their leadership skills and is interested in finding new and innovative ideas to stretch themselves.

    Liza Galano, Sr. Director @ ViacomCBS​


  • Our Team

    Executive Coaches + Leadership Development Experts


    Step into the limelight and unleash your full potential with the help of our world-class Executive Coaches and Leadership Development specialists.

    Our experts boast a wealth of experience in the Entertainment/Media industry, elevating themselves as thought leaders in the fields of Human Resources, Marketing Communications, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and TV/Film production.


    With years of coaching and facilitating leadership workshops, our specialists have honed their expertise to be unmatched in the industry. 

    They possess a deep understanding of the complexities of the Entertainment/Media world and the essential skills required for effective leadership.


    Our Executive Coaches and Leadership Development experts are a rare breed, combining their talent, passion, and strategic thinking to help executives overcome challenges and develop new skills. 

    From top-level executives in the Entertainment/Media industry to production management, our clients have achieved remarkable success through our guidance.


    Our team is comprised of dynamic motivators and coaches who inspire their clients to think beyond their comfort zones and embrace new perspectives. 

    With a commitment to personal growth and a holistic approach to leadership development, our Executive Coaches and Leadership Development specialists are unparalleled in their ability to empower individuals to reach new heights and succeed in their careers.

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    Monica wanted to confidently step into her new leadership role

    Monica was recently promoted to a people manager role and realized she needed to create a strong leadership presence that made others want to follow her. During her coaching, she deepened her understanding of her values and strengths, created her Leadership Branding Statement, outlined her Leadership Vision, and identified actions that would help her access advocates for her career.

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    Liz wanted to learn how to lead her high-paced Production team.

    As the Showrunner of a demanding TV Production, Liz manages a complex environment that includes long hours, constant pivoting, and the need to problem-solve quickly. Her Executive Coach provided on-site and in-the-moment coaching that helped her learn quickly how to communicate more effectively during stress, improved her delegation abilities, and positioned her to be the leader others want to follow.

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    Andy was feeling unmotivated and experiencing lower productivity

    Andy noticed a decline with his connection to his work and was not producing at his normal level. He wondered what was happening and how to get back to being his best. During coaching, he explored what is important to him, discovered the disconnections to his values and purpose, and charted a new path to create a more fulfilling life.

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    Max is a busy leader leading a chaotic team..

    Max recently inherited a dysfunctional team. He is unsure how to get them back on track, to reduce conflict, and to get them to want to follow him. He listened the digital Leadership Accelerators on his way work. The bite-sized trainings helped him to focus on strategies that he could successfully apply immediately.

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