• Executive Team + Leadership Team + Company


    Optimizing Your Workforce for Success

    Executive Team



    The Executive Team will experience transparent dialogue that accelerates connection, builds relationships, creates opportunities for innovation, and enhances transparent communication.


    Executive Team will:

    • Create the foundation for stronger relationships, mutual appreciation, and more effective communication,
    • Understand how they impact the organization as individuals and as a whole, and
    • Push through topics that are hard to discuss but critical to the success of the organization.

    Leadership Team



    The Leadership Team will improve their understanding of their strengths and how they best support their team, develop awareness of any blindspots that impede the team's performance, and optimize how they work together.


    Leadership Team will:

    • Learn about specific behaviors that can help improve their team's ability to perform,
    • Discover how to deepen trust and understanding, and
    • Discuss what levers need to be turned off or on to optimize their impact.




    The Company Off-site will include a powerful blend of exercises, trainings, and breakout activities that elevate connection, communication, motivation, and empathy.


    Employees will:

    • Discover how to transform conflict into collaboration,
    • Learn more about each others' styles and how each brings value to the organization, and
    • Discover strategies to break down barriers and create a "We" culture.